Car Looks Nice What Exhaust Is That?

Id Like A After Market Exhaust For Mine But I Dont Want 1 Too Expensive Or Too Loud..


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Nice tidy one there- my m8 has just put those same wheels on his mazda 323- they look really smart with the red centres
yeha shame its snowing up her though just came back from work and the car slide right into the curb big nick out of the alloys. so now going to get tehm re done.
What us think about getting the wheels done white/black??


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i'm a fan of black wheels but i cant see them looking that nice with green. I cant see white looking nice with with green either- i recon silver is the best with your colour.
cheers just need to get a new grill on it, phase 2 bodykit and tint it then see were to take it from there lol


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Have a look for "andy s" member ride's to give you idea's, turned his 5dr sri into a 5dr gti with bodykit etc
yeha aye was looking at that the day.
Gave me some good ideas for stuff that aye can do to mines. Reali hard to find stuff for the almera though like no one on the net sells stuff for them lol
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