Amys Green N15

Here she is how i got her...

Todays Update...
First mod...Debadge. Also had time to put the sub in the boot.:clap:



Next on the list is to tint the rear lights.
Hi and welcome, looks really tidy for the age, what else you got in mind?? think wheels would be 1st tbh, ive got a set of phase 2 rear lights if your interested?? good luck with the mods
Thanks for the comments...
Im after some wheels atm but cant find any local. Someone was breaking an almera close to me and wanted £150 for some standard alloys, i didnt think it was worth it??
Any recommendations? Im on a tight budget. (£100ish)
oh and Biscuit, i might need the tow bar, not sure yet.
You will get some GTi alloys for 100, maximum, probably cheaper.

Depends how good the tyres are on them really.
Tyres are not really a prob as my bro works at BMW so he can get them quite easily.

Thanks ill have a look on flea bay.
i have a set of gti allys but im in wolverhampton.
they are sprayed a dark blue black only after 50pound for them tho
Little update, nothing major been done yet but I've bought myself a square rear plate off eBay and I'm getting some tint spray at the weekend. Can't wait!!
Also, can anyone recommend a good value exhaust (eBay link?) please?
I have a powerflow system in the for sale section, direct fit, & I`m not too far from Thetford, so could deliver. :)
Looks clean, some black wheels and tinted windows would look sweet imo.

Now the obligitory AOC neanderthal bit... we've seen the car, so wheres the pics of you? :lol:
Not a bad question atall liam, but be a little more gentlmenly about it lol, i do have some SRI alloys for sale amy and im just the other side of bury too?? x

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