Anyone seen this one? Edinburgh.


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I've seen it about a couple of times but it's always been parked up.

I'm sure it's not leather either, just leather look covers.

It's not a bad effort but wouldn't pay that for it.
yeah, i thought the leather just looked like covers, but it says he did it himself so maybe just not the best of jobs?

the doorcards look ok


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This was the one I first asked you about Rick when I joined the club :) & you sent me the pic below!

Seen it once going down to Sherifhall over a year ago, only time i've seen it. Is it worth me emailing him to get him to join the site? Few things I wouldn't mind of that car aswell :D

Saw this on egay. i like it, its screaming out for an SR20 swap and rear disc conversion. Like the skirts too, what are they from?


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dub_almera said:
i think it the interior looks very nice in it..!

I have to say the interior is awful. looks like covers. they don't fit properly at all, not that i could do any better but it's really really bad.

But yeah the white is nice.


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The car looks nice, i like the dials and steering wheel. Not too keen on that leather interior, rear skirt or grille (might look better with different mesh though). Also, didnt think 60mm springs were available for the almera? He must get through some dampers!. Vastly overpriced, but still a nice car. I wouldnt pay more than a £1000 for it.
nice lookin motor shame about the engine size though. i don't think the price is that bad considering what some people ask for motors they have spent some money on


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Emailed teh guy from pistonheads, told him to join up, has a s2000 now but might still keep the almera
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