Car lock/security for Nissan Almera Nismo 2016

Greetings All Almeranian.. :)
i am a newbie here and not sure whether this matter has been discussed in any forum.
i would like to ask u guys opinion on which car lock/security is the best for Almera? based on my survey to an accessory car, they suggested "crime fighter" lock with cost around RM290. what do u guys think? is it worth it the price and brand?what about the quality?

pls share also what type of lock/security u guys are using previously/ we can discuss this among each other the pros and cons, if any..

thanks for your kind feedback
Shah Almeranian
Never used anything other than what it came with and never had a problem (except when I forgot to lock it!). If crime is a problem round your area then you could get an autolok or krook-lok fairly cheaply, but is it theft of the vehicle or theft from the vehicle that is the main concern?
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