Central locking goes bonkers

Discussion in 'N16 Styling, Cosmetics & Bodywork' started by muso, Mar 7, 2019.

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    2005 N16 1.5 SE - remote locking wont unlock car but does lock ok- hazards flash but nothing happens then eventually when it does unlock it will be okay for maybe a week - reoccours randomly - if i use the passenger manual lock to get in the car the igniton always works but the interior door lock button wont unlock the doors unless I drive off and hit then button maybe 10 mins later and it unlocks - i also get a high pitched alarm sounding if I open a rear door when remotely unlocked - sometimes the immobiliser light doesnt reset when I have locked the car - both keys have new batteries and have been successfully reprogrammed - could all this be caused by the drivers door actuator sticking? Ta
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