Chassis Alignment Setup Records


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As title. GO!

Good way to compare set-ups and chassis.
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Addicted to Torque
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With BC Racing coilovers and bottom mount camber slots set to -1° camber.
It was decided to set front toe to 0 so that under acceleration you would get a slight toe in when needed.

Previously I had a slight toe in set but this feels better. Steering seems quicker to respond and get better on power grip in the corner.

What I found interesting was the -1° camber on the rear beam. It's noticeable though just looking at it.

Stock bushes front and rear.



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From what i rememeber the rear spec looks pretty similar to mine pre-bending. The n15 has neg` rear camber.
i upload mine hoping its usefull for some1

first column is previous values the second the final ones

first row is toe

third is camber

fifth caster

i dont know how to translate the rest

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