Complete Brake Fluid Replacement


brapp brapp!
Hey.. Think it'd be good to have it posted in a specific place so possibly sticky this once the question is answered.

How much brake fluid does each Almera (N15 & N16) take (from empty to full).

Also any tips on draining / flushing the old fluid out before filling with the new stuff.
Thanks, Joe
its not recommended to empty the system just flush it through to minimise the amount of air that gets in the system
itll be fine, will only be a very slight mix, to be sure tho would recomend doing 2 laps of bleeding
A 1 Litre bottle will be more than enough, which is £9.95 ish from Halfords. Just keep firing the new fluid through, the old fluid will be discoloured so it'll be easy to see when the new stuffs reached the caliper. I dont know the capacity of the whole system though
i dont get how you can do a bleed yourself, youve gottta watch for bubbles and fluid colour change but cant do that when your in the car lol
i dont get how you can do a bleed yourself, youve gottta watch for bubbles and fluid colour change but cant do that when your in the car lol

dont need to be in the car with a easi bleed

you fill the easi bleed with brake fluid attach it to the reservoir and attach the other part to a spare wheel the air pressure in the wheel bleeds it for you all you have to do is open the bleed nipple and keep an eye on the fluid level in the easi bleed
If you get the fluid delivered in the post I would leave it to stand for 24hrs to allow the air to settle out. It will probably have been quite shaken up during delivery.

I have to push abit to get it to stop with the majority of the braking power being 50-100% locked on, but feels nice having a semi stiff brake pedal. But nothing happening till half way down suggests lots of air in the system/leaks? not exactly normal :pinch:

Why has the feel of the brake pedal changed recently? If your worried perhaps do a full fluid flush with new 5.1 fluid & check for leaks/corroded pipes and weaping around the servo?

VAC lines not perished?
Always been a bit crappy.

Just bled one of the front brakes (changed the caliper) and its reminded me how annoying it is. Same thing happend on my Skyline.

Im in the middle of a rebuild of all the calipers so once i sort the rears out ill know they aint are in good order then full flush then see what the crack is.

Ill bleed the servo in the mean time, if its got a bleed nipple that is, cant remember.
I've bled my own brakes a couple of times now, and both times they end up less firm than they started (since a garage did it at a service). I have one of those one way bleed valves but I don't think they do the job. Even with two people, one pumping and one on the nipple (sounds dirty :lol:) it never seems to be as good as when a garage does it. I feel like I'm missing a trick.
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