crankshaft sensor location Nissan Almera 2000 N16 Hatchback 1.8 l 114HP

Hello, my car died and after diagnostics it found it to be the Crankshaft (if my translation to english is correct, the rear one thats not to the left on the motorblock) sensor, I have changed the one on the lefthand side of the motor easy enough but cannot for the life of me find a clear picture or chart where the other one is, the righthand block under was proposed but I looked and could not find it any help would be appreciated. /

Edit: The camchain is loose and worn, and for my model and the way the engine is laid out it looks to be an expensive job, anyone who reads this and have the symptoms of an irregularly reving car and irregular acceleration ontop of the car not wanting to start and suddenly dying with a good battery and sensor change is not working, my advice is sell this POS car and buy an early 2000 Volvo or Toyota, i'm done after having changed so much and spend so much money and time on this car and i'm selling the cat and the tyres before having to scrap it.


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