Diagnosis done homemade on Nissan Almera Tino 1.8 petrol

Hello everyone
I'm Italian and I would like to do a diagnosis homemade on my car (I wouldn't go to a mechanic); I have a nissan almera tino 1.8 petrol engine QG18DE year 2001;
which cable do I need?
which jacks do I need?
What software do I need to do a simple diagnostic (I would like know the errors, know the component bad that make go bad the machine , I do not want to map unit, I don't wont' change the parameter of the engine)
what do you use?
I'm not very experienced but I wold like to know things and try
Can you help?
THanks a lot
You could try the method I put in this post..


..don't know if it will work on a Tino but worked on my 1.5 and 1.8 N16.

Did it at my local garage when their diagnostic kit failed to identify a fault. Watching a paperclip do what a few thousand pounds worth of diagnostic kit couldn't did not cheer them up. :)

They couldn't clear the airbag fault on my N15 with that kit either, were not amused to discover clicking the cabin light switch by the driver's B-pillar seven times does it.

See if you can get hold of a factory service manual. It's full of tricks like this and lists all the fault codes.

Sometimes knowledge can replace the need for tools.
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Thank's for your help; i will try your "personal method" with a paperclip and I have to find a manual that show me the link between flashing and error code for my Nissan Tino.
Do you know where I can found them? if it need, I can leave my private address
Thanks again for your help
This is the photo of the left side of the steering wheel; you can see the fuse compartment, but to the right is a white socket, what is it? thank's a lot
Vano fusibile e presa.jpg
This is a picture more big of OBD2 port my Nissan Almera Tino;
porta OBD2.jpg
I red your method, but at the 3 step I read:
3) CAREFULLY use a bit of wire or small, unfolded paperclip to connect the two outside-bottom pin holes on the connector

My answer is: which are the pin that I have to connect?
Thank's alot
Wraith wrote :"Yes, just remember that this is a guess that the system is the same in the Tino as the N16 Almera.
I'm sorry for my bad english, but I don't understand if:
- the system is the same with N16 Almera and will work with the paperclip or
- you do not know if the system will work, maybe yes or maybe no need to try
Sorry again, thank's for your help
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