Does anyone like hydro /carbon dipped parts?

Alright guys.

I've had the idea of starting dipping car parts such as interior plastics and anything else I can dip such as engine bay parts, grills, trims etc.

Would anyone have this done if I made up samples of what I'd done?

cheers :)
Next best thing how? Does it lighten and strengthen the thing that is coated almost as much as replacing it with genuine carbon fibre would?

To be fair it's nice of you to offer and I'm sure some people will love it but personally I think fake carbon fibre is like sticking a rolled-up sock down your trousers.
Quite a few factory interior parts are now made using this dipping method as it's cheap to do and hard wearing. As we know it isn't carbon fibre but I've seen various different samples of brushed steel and piano black for example that looked really good.

There's quite a few people on the civic forums having this done as a purely cosmetic mod.
interested price dependant etc as interior needs freshening up so could be a viable option?

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Hey mate, yeah it needs clear coat of lacquer. Its got a couple of coats on that as i didnt want to go mad with it.

Can be tinted or matt etc

That is Dark grey base coat and small black carbon print.

Gonna try the gold weave soon

Polish is upto you....
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