Downtime 1 & 2 May 2010


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We do apologize for inconvenience you are facing with this issue. There is a networking issue on the server due to which your sites are offline. Our senior admin is working on this and we will get back to you asap.
Please stand-by.

Accept our apologize.

Thank you.

Well, I don't really "accept their apologize", as we had round about 24 hours downtime which is unacceptable.

After having a think, I have decided to move the hosting. The company we are currently with (and have been with for around 14 months) were run by some great lads who sorted any issues out and were on MSN so you could speak to them if needed. At the back end of last year they were bought out by a company which nobody had heard of.

At the time, they seemed to know what they were talking about, but since then it has gone steadily downhill.

The new hosts are a well established and very well known hosting company with a decent reputation, once our new hosting is sorted I'm aiming to transfer everything within a couple of weeks.

One bonus to this is that we can finally sort out the domain issue and the site will be on

So apologies for the downtime, It wasn't planned and apart from the above email I wasn't kept informed of the progress.

Accept our apologize ???

Should'nt that read 'Please accept our apologies' ?

Sound like a bunch of retards to me...

A big AOC :thumb2:
at least AOC is back online, we,ve (MSC) still got a "server upgrade, back soon" bullshit message :wall:

Sounds like hosting by Facejacker, ring ding ding ding 15 bacon roools and we do apologeeze for the downtime


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at least AOC is back online, we,ve (MSC) still got a "server upgrade, back soon" bullshit message :wall:

That's a misleading message and it's actually a "500 Internal Server Error", the MSC is also hosted with these cowboys (as Chris said they were diamonds before the new lot took over).

I've finally managed to get hold of their support, it looks like we could have a corrupted hard drive, unfortunately I can't offer any more information than that!

The MSC will also be getting their asses off this server ASAP too.

And yes, the speed issues on the AOC are only down to the provider.

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