dyeing seats/doorcard fabric

Looking to dye my rear seats (buying some new ones isnt really an option, neither is re-covering them as they're in excellent condition, just a bit faded) but most of the dyes we stock at work (Tesco) say you have to put the fabric in the washing machine with them, but my rear bench is totally flimsy and permanently stuck to this loft insulation stuff, so is there anything i can just somehow coat the seat in without having to wash it?

The stuff at work needs dissolving in the washer so im thinking about dissolving it in some hot water and painting the solution onto the seats, then leaving them out to dry!

Just wondered if anyone else has done anything similar before?
might sound daft and might not work, but could you spray them with some sort of fabric paint like what you use on the roof lining to change the colour.
i tried my method, it didnt go well:( i dyed the grass, the drive, myself, but not the seats, it just rinsed off :(

Plan B is to get them retrimmed. Roll on plan B!
You can buy paints/dyes for the interior trim but my seat covers and door fabric seem to be a nylon velour-like stuff which is not porus. That's good for resisting stains but not good for accepting dyes.

I just stuck some 'universal' black leather-look covers on my seats for now - not a perfect fit (a bit loose in the butt area) and don't look particularly great on close inspection but OK as a cheap fix although I'll have to bribe someone into making the covers fit the rear headrests. Got to be careful with covers if you have airbags in the seats, though (I don't and the seat covers are allegedly 'airbag compatable').
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