Eddie's SRi


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Looks awesome like that, I'd be tempted to leave it as is. You going for smoothed boot then?
Updated with some pics :D

Standard engine bay picture as I bought it..

Got busy this afternoon, sorted out VZR lights and stripped out interior shows of my rear strut brace nicely dont you think :D

Rear end is working in progress still, needs dropping off at bodyshop when ive got enough funds

Then got my trusted resonated 2.25'' decat fitted along with my 4-2-1 manifold which requred EGR removal and custom blanking cap :)

Engine bay as it stands early June 2009

Lovely 4-2-1 Manifold OBX ftw :D

After a quick wash, nott too shabby for paintwork comming on 12 years!! Respray definatly on the cards at end of summer

Gotta love them alloooys :D


GTi kurt

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Looks ace, have wondered what bs7 would look with white wheels...can you get any better quality pics?
Slight update, a rare grill arrives in the post thanks to Brendant4.. and decided to give her a little bath :lol

Had a service done end of last week, runs sweet as a nut now quite dammnn pokey too now.... ive defineatly got the modding bug now :roll:
Cheers for the comments guys, still a work in progress :lol: ... welding was just £35

Anyone noticed looking slightly de-wipered :roll:
is it true your gonna make your rear end look ridiculous by almost smoothing it then sticking a recessed plate in the middle?
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