Engine Bay Thread

Well this is my engine bay, GA16DE with the VCT on the intake. Its not much to look at but I've got a second rocker cover which i will paint red, with black inlays and white writing. still has full power after 260,000km's (160,000 miles)View attachment 9658

Well my engine bay looks a lot better and more colorful than before
Metallic silver rockercover
Topgun racing 8.8mm leads
K&n pod filter
A battery and a starter motor. No intention of modifying it. Although I'd be intrigued to see what it would be like stripped to death, on coilovers and on a track. But M3s are getting so cheap....there's no point!
Oh my god that's lovely.

Where's that S&S trophy, can we just give it to Dale now?
Dale what's the hose joiner you've used there that looks flexible? Or more, where did you get it from? :)
Looks good. How have you mounted the battery tray ? Looks like the standard one

Yeah, Its just turned around and bolted to the gearbox mount bracket. Needs a little modification if you want to use all of the fixing points though. Seems sturdy enough with just two bolts tbh.
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