Is there any method i can try to get rid of the orange engine warning light on a 04 Almera , i did pay out to have it cleared some months back ( was just a code for a sensor) but was hoping i could maybe do it myself.
Have you actually fixed whatever sensor is throwing the code?
Hi Hally , well when the mech did the diagnostic test the fault came up as a Lambda sensor, he said it was not that imperative to change it as it was not a safety issue and to save my money as he knew i intended to part ex it for another Nissan at a main dealer, he then cleared the fault code.
Well have done a deal with the dealer for a Note (he has given me peanuts for mine part ex though ) ,so do not want to pay out for sensor repairs to save them dosho ,so was hoping i could maybe clear the fault before i hand it in,if i cannot do it myself will get the mech to clear it again ,he only charged me £10 as am a regular ,but he is on hols .
Cannot really sell it private as the central locking module has become erratic as well, and would not wish it on a family that maybe has kiddies , as on the Tino only the passenger door can be opened with a key and the others stay permanatley locked ,so let the dealer sort that as well !


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You should be able to clear it with most ODB2 reader, but if you haven't fixed the actual fault then there is no telling how soon it would come back.
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