Eurospec in Guilford

My mate Martin (martin2010) spotted this Phase 2 gti, impreza seats and boosted afaik at the title Dyno


Im thinking thekeymasters??
That's the company where the engine is being rebuilt...

The same place I got my 200sx leathers from.

great company... Propped tuners
Romaine doing the mapping?


Had a little look around that place with Rob a little while ago. Like he says proper tuners. Got some lovely cars there including the fastest GTO in Europe and a time attack CRX.
Yeah it is. So much sponsorship on it too. The guy who Rob bought his seats off does all the Aero stuff for them. Nice guy.
Spotted this also today down at Eurospec, was doing a delivery to the scrap metal place opposite. Might pop in and see how much they,d charge for mapping mine soon.
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