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This thread shows a lot of recommended companies that make custom exhausts. Have a read through and post at the end of the thread if you have any questions :).


I'll be after a cat-back full stainless steel system. Improved bhp but don't want a loud system. Something subtle. Like an undertone of a roar.

Powerflow exhausts. I'm not keen on how they brand themselves:
Cheesy, chavy? Yes. But what is the product actually like? I know there's a few guys on here with Powerflow backboxes but what about a full cat-back system?

MIJ Performance. Heard good, and one bad experience from these guys. Been talking to them about a remap and impressed so far. Exhausts any good?

Any mainstream makers? Kwikfit, Humpries, etc? Any others?

Cheers :)
seen powerflows work and its shite, i got a lonmglife but thats crap also. not much use for you up ther but prospeed down here in the south are the danglies, good welds, good s/s and mandrel as standard for half the price of proshite.
give mij a go with a mandrel system if any, and kwick fit phtt


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Im also using an MIJ system. Its press bent pipework, but generally their work is good quality and the steel they use is long lasting.

I personally dont think MIJ are anything special or stand out above the crowd, at the end of the day they get the job done and the prices are reasonable.

As with any custom exhaust place, basically tell them what you want, and how loud or quiet you would like it to be.

The exhaust system doesnt need to be loud if you dont want it to be, to keep the volumes down you just use extra or larger silencers.

My system has recently been done there and i need to go back due to the system knocking on the underside of the car when i go over bumps. They'll sort it for free, but its still an inconvenience i could do without.


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An exhaust is an exhaust at the end of the day. Anything not `standard` is more likely to knock or rattle on something without fine tuning ( especially on a lowered N15/n16 because of the rear beam axle ).

I`d get a mandrell 2.0" MIJ system
Powerflow can be great or can be shite. It entirely depends on who does the work on your car, i know people who've had flawlessly made exhaust systems with no problems (one had a VW Lupo and Powerflow routed the exhaust through the rear wheelwell and out the bumper. The work was flawless, didn't knock or rattle or anything) and i know people who've had their exhaust fall off after the while. But bear in mind you do get a lifetime warranty so if anything does happen you can just go back...
shameless plug for our man phil at unique exhausts in stafford. does exactly what you ask. size, shape, noise (within reason), mandrell or crush bent, whatever. everyone i know that has used him has been happy with his work. me included, many times........

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I went to Blueflame in Skelmersdale, he done a great job which took him about 6 hours...and it's never rattled, banged, blew in the 12 months I've had it.

Tis pretty far for you though.
Likewise CAS / Free Flow up here are renound for thier good work. They did my cat back CobraSport system and I'm majorly impressed with it. Burbles along with normal driving but really opens up if you cane it. Not that I cane it. Much. :D
Had a powerflow from perfomance 3000 in yeovil on my N16, and it was CACK. fell off, needed readjusting all the time etc etc. And the welds could have been done better by rubbing a piece of welding rod on to the join and trying to make fire! The bumper cutting was a little rough too, but it was straight enough and not an eyesore.

Know people with them from PA autos in taunton and they've said they're awesome, really nice welds and fit well with no issues at all.

Powerflow really depend on the outlet, get some local opinions and if they're all good then go for it.
Right here goes. My brother has had 2 custom exhausts on his Micra. One before turbo and one after. The one before was a powerflow and it was pretty pants. Here is what it looked like after about 3 years. Bearling in mind that it was supposed to be stainless and a lifetime guarantee.



And here to the post-turbo one made up by Allunox in wales. Welds look great, no knocks and no blows. Top quality workmanship.


maybe we should have one of them google map location maps with all the good exhaust places on for people over the UK?
iirc, its a method of bending the pipe so you dont loose too much inside diameter throughout. With a regular bend you could loose say 1/4 inch. One bottleneck like that means the whole system would perform like a 2 inch system instead of say a 2.25 inch one.
Ah right, i think i understand. I had a tiny piece of exhaust made up at longlife but it looks like they've got a bit of pipe and bent it as it sinks in a bit on the bend.


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I think the risk is too great that the franchise I use are cowboys as there seems to be no recommendations in the south east for Longlife or Powerflow. I'm getting quotes from Alunox, Pro-Speed and Paramount Performance so hopefully they won't come back too expensive. With any luck I'll running a new zorst by the end of next week.
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