fidd's N16

Just thought i'd post an update of a few new mods.....
19's are back on after a recent refurb - thanx to peter carroll at ECAR ( East Coast Alloy Refurb)
black powder coat , laquered with a silver fleck .
Brembo discs and pads all round ( still awaiting Hel braided brake lines and 5.1 dot brake fluid upgrade )
Gave her a service while i was at it - the usual stuff .
Jobs to do this week - paint the brake calipers ( got some hammerite smooth blue ) and touch up the black on the discs .
Must get that rear lamp sorted ........ hope you like .....IMG_0193.JPGIMG_0195.JPGIMG_0196.JPGIMG_0197.JPGIMG_0198.JPGIMG_0200.JPGIMG_0202.JPGIMG_0203.JPGIMG_0204.JPGIMG_0205.JPG
Although I'm not a big fan of huge rims, I must admit that yours appear to work well looks-wise - perhaps colour coding is the key here. Get those calipers brushed down & painted & she'll look even better. :) Unfortunately those massive rims make the rear discs look miniscule :sheepish:
Thanx bud ! I used a Stanley knife to get the lense off ! Its bonded along the outside edge by a bead of plastic obviously red hot when manufactured you just have to keep working the knife very carefully . However you have be careful not to crack it ! It takes a while but if you take your time the top comes off ! Then just mask up and do what you want ! I just used a decent silicone sealer to bond back together then if like me you want to change the colour it's easier to remove a second time ! Have a bit of practise on an old ph1 lamp as thats the same type of bond ! Be careful not to slice yur self as do have exert done pressure ! Think I'll do a how too ! Then again ! You do my engine ! I'll do your lamps ! Lol !

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I dont think its that bad but ive ran with them 9 years or so and am used to them , probs one of you guys would tell me different but then again the state of British roads it doesn't matter what size they are ! I'll be at one of the shows this year do am sure someone can have a try !!

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Think I need some bigger discs on the back tho ! Any suggestions ?
get p11 primera rear caliper carriers and matching 280mm rear discs, and you can use the stock n16 calipers, I did have a spare set of carriers but iirc i sold them to someone off here a while back
so I don't have a spare set, and I did sell them lol. if you have a look over on npoc I'm sure you'll manage to pic up a set of carriers cheap enough, cheapest way to big rear brakes without doubt :)
Well after weeks of finding White dots all over the car finally got an explanation from nissan as to what's been going on ! The carpark that I park in is right next to the paint shop ! Somebody decided to flush the exhaust vents without having any filters in place resulting in white dots sliver the cars ! Anyways long story short ! Nissan accepted liability and the car went into the garage for machine polish and pdi ! Result nissan charged 100 quid and I get a gleaming car ! Handy with jap fest just round the corner ! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1335613893.977912.jpg

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