Fiona's New N15...

If the engine was out of a pulsar GTi-R then it would be 220bhp and turbo'd, unless you mean another type...

Possibly a sunny or primera engine...

IMO i dont like the wheels, get some other on it :)

But looks pretty good for what you paid

It would be good if it has got coillys
lookin lurvely mate, except those wheels made me sick a little bit :p

engine is a normal mera engine by the look of it, may have been rebuilt or whatever, but i assume the guy was just using the pulsar name accidentally or whatever.

looks very nice though mate, and spot on if it's got lightened n balanced bottom end etc :D
Same as above, wheels look bad. It's got standard GTi top mounts, and the shaft doesn't look like a coilover shaft either, so don't be too hopeful on coilovers aswell. You should copy what Corbs has done with his, on this though.
just a little dodgy lol....

does look good and its in the best colour :D

suspention does look a bit odd... looks like GTi top mounts on coilover threaded shocks :confused:

just give it a good service and im sure it will be fine :D
^Those wheels would look better, but I am personally not a fan of them... Maybe some standard GTi wheels? But its whatever you think looks good! :)
Standard Gti alloys in Black against the blue = nom nom.

I like the colour coded bumpstrips, they look sweet.
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