Fuse for injection system blown (#17 10amp mini blade)

I have a 55 plate Almera S N16 1.5 petrol that has been really good for me up until the last week. I was pulling out my road when all of a sudden the car stalls and would not restart. It was showing the immobilser as active on the dash, fuel pump doesn't run when ignition is switched on and sometimes crack over and sometimes doesn't. I had found the the number 17 10amp fuse for the injection system had blown. I replaced the fuse and took it for a test drive to see if would blow again. It had been fine for a few days including motorway driving until I went down the road again, it blew again, twice within a few hundred yards. As I ran out of 10amp fuses I have stuck a 15amp in temporarily as you are not meant too put in a high rate fuse in but it hasn't blown again. I have bought a Haynes manual to see the wiring diagrams but it doesn't show a lot.
Does anyone have any ideas or the same problem?
PS - I can't remember the conditions it blew, i.e changing gear, over bumps etc.
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