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GA15DE N15 | Trouble aligning the input shaft with the clutch spline

Discussion in 'Other Almera Discussion' started by Sharft 6, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Sharft 6

    Sharft 6

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    I used the clutch alignment tool but I'm having trouble pulling the gearbox far enough forward to slip the bell housing over the flywheel. I have tried various angles for hours and hours over the past week but I just can't seem to find the clearance. Because I've spent so many hours on this I have all the surfaces mapped out pretty well in my head and I can feel which part is getting in the way at any angle. I can also see all the scratches building up every time I drop the transmission to confirm my thoughts. Has anybody done this before or has some general advice? This is my first attempt at clutch repairs.
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