Grr trouble with headunit


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I got a sony CDX-R3300 my dad used to have in his car, it all plugged in, but having a few very annoying issues with it and dont have the manual!
Was wondering if anyone could help a brother out.

Basically, every time I switch the HU off, the settings all reset, like radio, volume, time. I guess there is no constant live, only ignition, but have no clue as to how to fix it. This is especially annoying as the volume resets to 29 each time which removes your eardrums!

Another volume related issue is whenever volume+ is pressed, it skips to 24 and then 29, way too loud! Then volume- just makes it go down normally.

Please help!
could be a wiring issue with everything reseting. a wiring diagram would help you.

as for the + volume, sounds like an internal fault with the hu itself. only way would be to get it repaired(probably cheaper to buy a new head unit), or just live with it.
on the back of the head unit there should be red and yellow wires with spade conecters on, change these around so insted of yellow to yellow, put it yellow to red etc. this will solve the losing memory issue, as for the other i have no idea

check you have a memory wire connected in with the +, its a constant live that keeps your settings and doesnt reset it when you switch off. might not be conected in with the standard plugs.

as for the volume, might be an actual fault with the stereo. if not, something to do with the mute function?

hope this helps dude...


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Thanks very much guys I'll give the swapping a go, and fiddle with the settings :)

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swap the red and yellow wires round, you might find there is bullet conecters on the wires ready to do this,

if that doesnt work then check that there is a live feed there.

if not check fuses or run wire to batery/amp feed if you have an amp

that should cure it,

also to be on the safe side earth the radio earth wire to metal work incase its a bad earth

this should cure all possible wiring problems
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