GTI & Type R

Hi all,

Finally managed to source at set of original Gti alloys, so i spent the weekend giving her a deep clean. My Bro has the Type R so we got some pics while they were both gleaming. Just managed to get hold of a half price genuine Nissan clutch and after that is fitted the car is just as i want her.




nice how does it compare with your bro's car?

what seats you have in yours?
nice how does it compare with your bro's car?

what seats you have in yours?

i have subaru sti seats in mine, in comparison to the type r, i think it gives him a run for his money... bang for buck though you cant beat meras!

ive noticed quicker acceleration with original wheels too, and a much softer ride, which my back is glad of!

^Could have since broken off as they were pretty flimsey, and this clearly was a bodykit version with the rear splitter too.
got any pics of the seats? did you put them in?

dont have any pics of seats but will get some up for you. They have the fixing from original seats welded to the sti seats. They are red so they match the car. Dont suppose anyone knows where i can get a front splitter from?
Lokks very nice and clean. Like the Nissan on the brake callipers, nice touch, how did you do that?
I didn't even notice the front splitter missing, i was looking at your shiny paint work, i like the nissan touch on the calliper too.. nice type r, could of gone with a better colour tho, i drove one...the gear stick is at a well funny angle (i dont think i could get used to where it is)
lovely pictures matey and your bro's car look very nice too. your car to me sits perfect now on the 15's - i like.

and now to chime in - out the box the CTR's are great and quicker that a N15 GTi in stage 1 form with seats, spare wheel, boot lining etc. imo with an interior you'd need at least 170bhp to keep up with one. lack of torque doesn't really matter as he'll prob never drop below 6k when racing. dnt kid yourself :)

ps i love my N15 GTi
Only two of the GTi's I've been in have actually felt fast, being my own and Wezz's... Most of them felt gutless and tired

i think thats a bit strong joe.

it is definatly tuned by them aswel according to my friend, he got it cheaper as he supplied the bloke/company with vans (he's a citroen salesman/dealer) or summin along those lines

jackson racing is an american company to the best of my knowledge. may have had the parts sold to him and fitted cheap, but it wont be tuned by jackson racing.

Im not even a Honda fan, but 160whp stock isnt to be sniffed at.

in the real world away from a keyboard 160 wheel horse is more fun than you can shake a shitty stick at. even 170 fly horse i giggle like a little kid at christmas.

Gav, nice cars mate, i like EP3's, and you gti looks nice and clean :)
I like Type Rs and EP3s, nice pair of cars you have there, looks like you could do with a megane splitter and some foglights :)
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