Hans's 1998" N15 Ph2

Hans's 1998" N15 - Lowrider!

Hi guys (and girls) at the AOC forum :) Long time since ive been here now.

The last year has been quite hectic for me. Ive been in the Norwegian Navy coastguard, catching scottish, british and irish trawlers overfishing in norway! :)

(Has to be said, there aint many cases where we have to go "legal" on the UK fishing boats). Nice fishermen! :)

AAAnyway, since ive been out at sea for a year, my Almera has lived a life in the garage as they say.
I parked the car in the barn, and pulled over the cover around August 08, and it stood still until May 2009. Then i brought it out, and the first day out, i had a broken rear window, and someone had broke in to my car, and stole my whole stereo...

So, then i had to get a new window, and a complete new soundsystem, witch i got... I went "up" on the ladder now, gettin rid of the old Boss/FOCAL system, and replacing all with ALPINE parts. Alpine headunit, subwoofer, rear and front speakers. Sounds excellent!

Then, i figured out that i had to change out my exhaust system, and since i got the 4-2-1 banana-manifold, i got a new system from the manifold and out (DeCat), 2.25" straight out, with 2 silencers. Perfect noise, and "all round efficiency"

Late last year, i bought myself a set of Sentra Halo (Angel eyes), but without any front grille.. and i got tired of driving around without a grille, so i got back to the clear original lights. And i sold the F1 style mini carbon side mirrors that i had, they just were to damn small! :p

So now im back to basics, and i thought that i was done spending money on the car.. until this weekend.

Since im moving to oslo, im keeping my car, and taking it with me. And to "celebrate", i bought:

* A set of new spark plugs, and plug leads. NGK Platinum plugs, and some wicked spark plug leads
* 3 Slat JDM Pulsar grille (VZR)
* OMP Front upper strut brace.

These parts will be mounted when i get back home the 28th of July.

Then there is the list of what im going to order the next payday:

* New rear bumper (SEEECRET :) )
* New adjustable bucket seats (Leather)
* MOMO Floormats
* Roof-spoiler
* Maybe new rims

When these parts are on the car, ill "chill" until the upcomming winter, when im starting to convert to manual gears.

Well, thats all for now. Adding a few pictures!

These were taken before i went last year!






Then, the latest pictures:




My new exhaust:



Engine bay:


And at my friends cabin:


And the parts that i bought, that are just waiting to be mounted:




Thats pretty much it, really. When im back home the 28th ill start mounting the parts, and taking some new pictures aswell. Probably goin to respray tectyl underneath as well.

Ill keep you posted! :)
Thanx guys! :) Your comments make me spend more money on this never-ending bill.

just got an appointment at a Auto-carglass dealer, to get my windows tinted when i get home! :) dark, dark daaaark!
Your cars looking alot better now with the original lights n grille quite looking forward to seeing hte 3 slat grill in place.

Is your front bumper the Joytuning skyline look-a-like?
thanx for the comment guys! :)

The plan is to get a grille for the Sentra lights, im just waiting for the 3 slat grille. Im not sure if i bought the grille that fits the original PH2 headlamps, ore the sentra sized ones (Halo)

Either way, ill modify the grill to work :)

Now im just saving up, to buy a roof spoiler, aswell as a new rear bumper :)
na use a normal grille so it wont fit the headlights and sell them to me ;) :lol:

looks lovely mate,
even without the grill!

nice :D
haha ! If the job of modding the grille will be big, and if im going to convert to xenon with my orignal headlamps and use the 3slat grille, ill sell the headlamps to u :)
Your cars looking alot better now with the original lights n grille quite looking forward to seeing hte 3 slat grill in place.

Is your front bumper the Joytuning skyline look-a-like?

Yeah, this is the one. But not joytuning, aerotrendz is the new name of the producer. HIGH quality fibreglass, this is the shit right here.. cant wait for my rear bumper to arrive :)
Im a brit livin in Norway, i picked up a uk 1 yesterday as the cheapest Gti i could find in Norway was 6k
Was the cheapest one, a silver one? since im sure that is the one that has a history of beeing rebuildt and wrecked here in norway.

Good for you mate! We can hook up when i get back home, and take a look at eachothers cars. Ore you can drive down to my shop sometime. (Arrange a evening with modifying and such). Stavern is where i have my garage, aprox 45mins from Holmestrand.

(If you are looking for some parts, i might have some for sale if you want any). Maybe a set of headlamps and such :)
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