Hello.i'm new arround here

My name is Robert.i am from Romania, dont get scared,im not a gispy thief.I'm a mechanical engineering university graduate.i ve been studying automotive engineering the past 4 years.and now im doing my masters degree in transportation logistics.I'm the proud owner of an 2001, 2.2ddt 110hp Almera n16 .i ve been driving this car since i got my license at the age of 18, for over 5 years now.Absolutely no majot problems over the years,and ive been traveling a lot ..over 200k km(aprox 160k miles) in the past 5 years.
Made a few little mod's to the car,most of them for.my confort,like an upgraded sound sistem using a sony xplode mp3 player .changed rear and front speakers with hertz audio ones.and a little subwoofer to complete the set. I also made a little modification to the factory headlights.added some h7 projectors.not the retrofit kinds.its a homemade combo .and it turned out great.100% better light at night(with 55w hid kit offcourse)...also along the way i picked up a set of Brock B6 17" rims,so it would stick better to the road .im really pleased to be member of this group.and looking forward to changing oppinions and ideas with you guys...and damn i got a lot of questions to ask..but in the meantime il share a few pic's of my ride and hope you will accept me kindly to this community.thank you


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