Hello. New N15 GTI phase 1 owner here

Hi everyone my name is Craig from Edinburgh. I bought my first GTI at the end of October its a 1997 phase 1. I started looking around at pages on here briefly when i bought my first car a metalic grey 1.5 N16 a couple of year ago but i became a fully paid-up member in July so since ive been on here looking through the heaps of info and pictures/projects and i finally got a GTI its about time i said hello and thanks to everyone whos been on here over the years posting info :D
heres a few pictures of it tonight. i gave its a good wash,wax,trim gel and hoover earlier before i knew it, it was dark so the pics arent that great
2014-11-20 22.12.35.jpg 2014-11-20 22.12.16.jpg 2014-11-20 22.12.55.jpg
The car has done 130000 miles 10 previous owners (dont know if anyone here knows the car) i bought it from a guy i Nottingham and drove it up here i think it has lived in Norwich as well. ive been very impressed with it so far even though it only has an induction kit apart from that its standard. There is a wee problem of 5th gear popping out on the motorways i need to get the gearbox off the car and have a look at the selector arm first and then il need to look at my options if its not that. the clutch needs a bit of an overhaul too the cable and pressure plate are limp too haha apart from all that ive got a near rust free GTI with an a sound SR20DE for £800.

Heres the N16 I wrote off last month
416784_410039045676674_2137585547_n.jpg WP_20141029_002.jpg WP_20141029_004.jpg 1233622_692798230827900_4005326381909833092_n.jpg
I basically came up a dry blind summit on a country round that goes onto the A70 from Livingstone at around 50 when i got to the top it was soaking, leaves and mud i pushed the brakes but they wurny interested i just kept aquaplaning over the A70 into a signpost sideways somehow and then a 180 through an old stone wall it was pretty grim, especially being my first car but lessons have been learnt luckily still here alive and well.

Some of the projects on here have been brilliant to read through liams 2nd sr20de-t n16 was brilliant i think it was curtis's n15 gti with the white rota grids? and eds is probably my favorite one at the moment since the bonnet has been painted haha. If money was no object for a project my dream mera would be the car that never was... an N16 vz-r. a grey 3dr N16 phase 2 with 6-speed SR20VE (supercharged) , the open mouth grille modified to a 2-slat, vz-r side skirts, phase 1 tail lights black leather interior red stitching everywhere and sitting on a nice set of satin black deep 5 spoke rotas maybe and the just a vz-r badge under the drivers side tail light just to catch a few folk out. haha if i win the lottery il make it happen but im quite happy with my GTI just now lol.

Sorry if this is too big an introduction, the doctor prescribed 4-6 co-codamols a day since i crashed they turn your brain into moosh lol
Co-codamol will goof you out and send you to sleep.
You sure your not on yakka?
Anyways welcome... I'm the same and suck up the info and ride threads also.
If I have a question it's dutifully answered.
Take care and cut down on the codamol they can be highly addictive.


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5th gear pop out is common enough, you can buy kits to repair them, probably easier just to get a new box though.
Cheers for the welcome folks :D
@charley haha nah mate i actually got a T5-T6 pressure fracture in the neck vertebrate or something another lol, the hospital gave me a big box of cocodamol's lol ive heard it puts people to sleep good i just sit there feeling ripped lol.
@mera red gti yeah man its a CAT B write-off never to be on the road again lol just after i gave it the last polish of the year too.
@Sam cheers mate im not too sure how bad it actually is yet, il stick a post in the wanted section first if its totally past it, it is a bit annoying on the motorways
@wraith cheers neighbor, had a wee look at yours on this a few times as well, very nice mate no seen you around though im around the west mostly

Finally got a pic in the daylight after a wee powerwash:)


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