Help for rim fitment

hi I want to buy some rims I found 7,5 x17
With a 205 tire will be little stretched and et 30 so they will come out a little bit. Will the fit? Worried about the suspension and the rim kissing each other. Found in meant condition for 250€. Need a help if they will fit.
Hi man, just joined the club because of your question.

Did you eventually manage to get the rims? Here is my story;

I recently fitted 17x7.5 ET 25 and tires 215/45R17 (sadly could not get low profile tires at the time of fitting :( ).

Challenge, if i have passengers at the back, the body touches the wheels whenever i go through humps or bumps on the road. I have taken it for fender rolling trying to solve the issue but it still persists.

Currently planning on installing coilovers then fender pulling, also looking for other ideas on how i can fix it
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