Help with installation of 3rd Party Amplifier

Well this has been a not so fun job. I have spent the weekend pulling my hair out with this and I'm no closer than I was when I started.

The aim of this project is to install a Google Nexus 7 tablet in place of the 3rd party stereo I already have.

What I have tried so far:

I removed the stereo and used the ISO wiring harness for the wires (saved me destroying the original wiring in the car). I soldered the connections together and plugged it into the car. Nothing happened. No sounds from the speakers. Nothing!

I got further confused when I reconnected my aftermarket stereo to find that it wouldn't function without the antenna being connected....

My questions are these.

Has anyone successfully installed an aftermarket amplifier into an Almera Tino (2001) and if so how??

Why does the antenna cable carry a current in this car? The aerial is not a motorised one and is a static fixture on top of the car.

I have attached some images to show various things

Amp wires - The red wire has an inline 10Amp fuse

The apparent wiring instructions for the amplifier

Picture of the Antenna cable for informational purposes

The wires that I have taken out of the ISO wiring harness. The Yellow wire is a constant 12V+ supply, the Blue is labelled Power Antenna, the black is ground (12v-), Orange is Illumination (not needed in this instance) and the red is labelled Ignition/Switched (12V+)

A Sticker on the top of the stereo detailing how the ISO Wiring harness works.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for this? I really wanted this to be a simple job and on the face of it, it looked like it would be put apparently not
What have you connected the blue wire to?

You need the yellow, red and black to power the unit. The blue shouldn't be connected as that's a 12V from the unit to the amp to allow it to switch on with the unit.

Does the unit power up? as you've only stated no sound.
@curtis I am unsure as to whether the amp is powering up or not as there are no lights on the box itself.

I assume from your post above that I am to wire it up as follows (ISO Connector Wires are (I) and Amp wires are (A))

Red (A) to Yellow (I)
Blue (A) to Red (I)
Black (A) to Black (I)

I have just tried this combination but got no output again.

@sunnytropic If the antenna is being used as a ground in the original circuit is it safe to plug into a USB receiver that will be used for the tablet to receive a radio signal?
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