Hi I'm a new member have almera 2.2dci

Just wanted to say I only brought this car as a cheep runabout after my merc
Died at the last mot.The more I drive it the more I like it.Lots of grunt but still good on fuel in fact
twice the mpg of my old 1800 cc petrol merc .Im wondering if I have the cheapest 2.2dci sxe on here???Its a 03.sxe it had 11 months mot all for £295 Bloody bargain I think!Love it.
Bargain? Bloody hell, I'd say so; I spend more than that on magic trees in a year!

Welcome to the club.
Welcome aboard,

defo sounds like a bargain, what was the milage, condition of the bodywork etc..? Even if these factors weren't all that, it'd still say the cheapest in the club. ;)


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Welcome to the club. Wow incredible bargain!!!

Enjoy the forums :)

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