hey,hows it goin. am using ma sister amies login i.d seeing since she ditched you for a ford!!

av just bought maself a black phase1 almera and thought this is the best way to find out bout them.
its pretty standard except a pipercross induction kit, the back wing has had a shunt and has 99,000 miles but got it for 250 quid and drives amazingly :) i have also painted the standard wheels black and painted the calipers yellow, thats bout it! anyway enough chat for now lol

hope to hear from guys

cheers hutchie


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Welcome. Thought Amie would have made you get a Ford, lol! She doesn't like it when I slag her Ford lol! Where you buy the Almera from? Si, SRi, GTi?
haha me and ma dad have a ford track car, so a sort of do have one, but couldnt resist the mera, sorry its a gti! forgot to put that in, a was trying to get ma sisters one but sold it to rick. gutted :(


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Rick sold it to a guy from Prestonpans I think it was. £250 for a GTi, nooo bad! Any pics? Auctions at Ingliston? Think Rick might have his black GTi back now so speak to him if you need anything!
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