First time poster, third Almera driver! (Meaning to do this for a while - so glad to be back on Team Almera) [Never switch to a Mini!]

1998 Almera Esteem red, sun-roof, proper back windows (no stupid split glass!) - Best car I've ever driven!
2002 Almera Twister - Classic Almera - 80mph (and stay within lane) on country roads, great around corners! 110mph achieved (by accident, thought it was just 70mph)
2006 Almera SE - Brilliant, but not as good on fuel like the oldies (Probably because of the computer display), but still great around corners! Six months in and nearly done 10k - from 90k! (Just love these cars!); Problems it has the dual radio/climate control unit.

Now my question is, can you take out the existing unit and add a single din climate control and add a 2 din sat nav, dab radio touchscreen unit that displays the computer data? Or can you just remove the existing unit, install a single din climate control, install a 2 din dab, sat-nav touchscreen and replace the screen with flip-up unit? The screen is redundant but I don't want to lose the a/c controls and especially the radio! (The radio is a must).

Also, the headlights are shite. I've changed the bulbs to the ones I had in the 2002 car (Which where ridiculously bright) but I may as well just drive with them off. The headlight recall has been done and the plastic lens isn't that bad (Will replacing the headlight units do any good or is it a case of taking it to a garage?

One last thing!

Aren't Almera's just great going around corners. Some models may not be quick in a straight line, but all of them can beat a BMW,#/Mercedes on a bend! (Well I find they do! - with all three!)
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Welcome. I'm new to the forum too and the Almera itself (1.5 QG15DE).

Like you, I'm quite impressed with how the Almera corners. It's not quick, but quick enough. And I'm getting around 32 mpg around town, which I'm not complaining.
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