Im new here

Hi All

I have a 2003 Almera 1.6 manual. I have just had the engine rebuilt but am getting a P0335 error code. I have replaced the crankshaft and cam position sensors but still get the code.
The old cam chain has been reused and I've read that if it is stretched, this error will occur.
Can anybody confirm this or have any ideas what else I can look at.
Thank you - TonyR
long time with no answer! I have a new oem up-graded timing chain installed.. not long after the same code came up, tried a new sensor from gsf auto parts and the car wouldn’t start at all.
Phoned my Nissan specialist guy and he told me non oem sensors cripple the car, got an oem from a scrapyard and the car was perfect right away.
but now over a year later the second hand sensor is kaput and I am having trouble finding another in the scrapie’s. The nissan oem is £74+ vat
has anyone fit a aftermarket brand which works?
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