Isofix in Almera (2005)

Hello! We bought a Nissan Almera in 2005 (3 door) , not sure if there are Isofix anchorage points - somehow cannot find them. Does your 3-door Almera have isofix?
Since February 2006, all new car models must be equipped with the standardised ISOFIX and top tether anchorage points. From 2011 European regulations require all cars to adhere to this standard.

so before 2006 just pot luck if you have them i suppose

We're in the same situation - have the right holes in the seat, but the isofix "arms" wont lock onto anything. Can feel a metal bar, but that appears to be in the seat, and a bit too high (even when the isofix "arms" are raised slightly). Behind the seat, aligned with the slits are two holes in the frame...

Spoke to Nissan UK, and the dealership, about this; Nissan said "maybe", the dealership (Ancaster) said "No"

So we went for a maxicosi Tobi - seems to get the best ratings for a belted child car seat.
Not too sure about the 3 door,but my 5 door has tags sewn into the rear seat fabric saying "Isofix" so guessing mine has it and would assume the 3 door would have the tags too if it has.


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I'm pretty sure my N16 doesn't have isofix. But mine is a three door. Could be as sportyblueone says a 5 door thing.


It could also have been a dealer fit option. I was able to find in fast the ISOFIX mounts for the 4wd Y11. Looks like one bracket for the middle two clips and seperate ones for the outside. I just can't find my way around the UK fast version to see what the N16 brackets are like.
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