It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

I stumbled upon this video on the N16 front suspension:

The noise at 4:06 is pretty much what I have on my Almera during relatively higher undulations. The narrator did mention that he was going to spray silicone lubricant on it to make it go away.

I didn't have any silicone lubricant at hand so I drenched everything instead with penetrating fluid.

Did it have any effect? Kind of. It seems to have been reduced and only happens when there is more significant undulations.

I might just try with some silicone lubricant. Has anybody had similar issues?
Good morning Francisco and all on the site. Jane from Ireland here. I'm in the process of "renovating" my darling 2002 Almera E Hatchback. I'm hoping to have it ready for passing its NCT (Irish Car Testing) in the summer. Most of the work I can do is cosmetic - my excellent mechanic will handle the professional stuff. Will keep the forum posted with anything that might be helpful. Kindest regards to all. :)
think i read somewhere that there was approx 50 Almera's left on UK roads (not sure if true) i guess that could be to blame why its a bit quiet around here :confused:
hope you enjoy your Almera ! i still miss mine....
I can tell you there is at least 50 on sale secound hand on ireland so a lot more here then uk if that is to be true ha ha ha ha:D
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