Kitty the Red GTi



that car looks sweet.... lovin what youve done with it mate... i remember seeing that ad for it in pistonheads and thinking of buying it lol
That looks sweet mate just get some silly bright paint on the wheels rake on that and you'd have a propper DUB look ;)

Nah seriously it does look awesome mate :D
thanks yall! paintwork around the rear arches needs attention, cracked paint from when i decided to roll the arch lip with a 2lb hammer lol. its not that bad tho and only looks bad from close up. im not overly worried to be honest. still not sure what colour to paint the wheels. either purple, white, silver or gun metal, gold or bronze may be option. but i like the red and black theme. makes it look aggressive

Spotted late one night cruising around Belfast two weeks back!!

Looks (and sounds) good man.

thanks mate, would have been good to have a chat with you but i only got your message when i was nearly home, turned around and headed back into town to see if you where about but it was close to 1am before i got back into city centre and you were away back to the hotel i think lol. tried getting your number off face book but i couldnt see it anywhere
oh no he didnt!

thats condensatinon on the windows. not a 'shop!
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