KrisG's N16

here's a few snaps of my N16 :D Only been able to do small things to it so far from lack of money :(

Just after i got the car standard as it goes
2011-10-09 15.03.32.jpg
Got a spoiler on bout 3 weeks ago :)
2012-04-10 15.49.33.jpg

Also done a bit of interior work as well
-Got rid of the old stereo as i hated it so got a new one fitted
-Fitted some ripspeed pedals (got them awesomely cheap:D)
-Gear knob was changed too
-Did the centre dash with some 3M carbon vinyl, but took it off few days ago as every time the car heated or sun was on it the vinyl bubbled and came loose. So i painted it metallic silver instead tunred out alright
2012-03-05 17.19.57.jpg
Now it looks like this (so far) :D
Engine bay hasnt had much done painted the rocker cover and heat sheild black, still got more to do when i get the money.

Then today i took the air filter apart and removed the pipe goin into the air filter box shown on the green bin (not sure if it will do much so please comment about it if you think i should just put it back on, makes a nice roar tho) will get a proper induction pipe and cold air feed at some point any suggestions please say :)
looks like a good base to customize but please just don't spend all your money on ripspeed shite i dont like the colour of the pedals at all!
Na that's only thing im buying from ripspeed just cause they was cheap, might replace them at a later date. any suggestions on the intake pipe i took off ?
wee update
Got my pedals redone yesterday as went off the blue (garnz you was right) and took the rear and front badge off and repainted them same as the pedals. Also took the almera badges off.
2012-05-11 15.05.02.jpg
2012-05-11 19.32.18.jpg
2012-05-12 11.08.52.jpg
2012-05-11 17.34.35.jpg
I didn't. sprayed hole lot black then once it was dry hand painted the letters. didn't want to risk the paint being pulled off by the masking tape. then lacquered hole lot for nice shine.

cheers kingboy. was goin to have writing blue but went off the blue look and went for red and they turned out really well. paint has run a bit but don't notice it unless your right up to it.
it deff suits your car like kingboy :D. Im looking at getting some black alloys for mine, just need some money and get it lowered and tinted soon i hope. Slowly looking at performance, hopefully get a cold air feed soon
wee update on the car
Got my rear lights painted black after seeing the mod on one of the other members rides and thought id do it as well. Also fitted some clear side repeaters, had one issue with them as the harness's where not the same so had to get some off a micra in a scrappys.
2012-06-02 20.08.33.jpg
2012-06-07 10.53.28.jpg
2012-06-07 15.00.05.jpg
2012-06-07 15.14.46.jpg
I might not of twisted them and tested but my dads a electrical engineer so i know what Im doing mostly and they both work fine. and fidd i have 2 cracks on each cover :-( first one i did cracks are worse second one isn't as bad, still annoyed they cracked though. Yea think Im gonna head to the total jap at knockhill so prob see you there if your goin, will be my first meet.
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