Kristians Ph2 GTI+T


AOC Trader

6000k HID conversion
Silvertech Indicater bulbs
Blitz 0.9mm Ht leads in blue
Blue Rocker Cover
Blue Strutbrace Front
Blue Strutbrace Rear
K&N induction kit
Stainless 4,2,1
Custom Catback with 4'' Rolled tip
Lowered 40mm
14x9 Borbet type t's with 225-40-14 Toyos T1S/T1R
2-Slat Grill

Kent Cams paid for and on the way.. (When these are fitted its gonna get dyno'd)

Spare SR20DE


16'' borbet type t's
Quieter Exhaust


... to low boost turbo it.. with FMIC etc..

Ive got a spare SR20DE block ( Cheers Darchitect ) im going to rebuild with uprated HG and Studs, then fit everything turbo related needed then drop back in.. hopefully just after xmas

Front bumper needs a respray with all the stone chips etc.. So going to customise the existing one with room for airflow to fmic, smooth over the number plate recess and have a smaller square one to one side probably.. then get resprayed.. Possibly the bonnet too..

How she looks now


Spec updated..


AOC Trader
Ive turbo'd a few cars already.. micras etc..

Turbo is definatly the way to go..

Deep dish wheels are also the way to go!..

Getting larger ones, they are just borrowed from my micra

Cheers for the comments.. will get a few decent pics up..


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Hey Kristian, are you still doing your two project micras now? Howcome you scrapped the white one? It was beautiful!

The Meras not bad either!
haha, i like the 3slat grille :)
this almera looks rather good, something different with the wheels which is always good, and i agree...deep dish is the way forward.
my mate, chris was gona buy the white turbo'd micra. duno what happened with it but there was a problem with rebuilding the engine apparently.

so chris got a s14 200sx instead :p


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Yes the Gorgious Turbo white micra!! My last project..

lol.. was worth more broken for parts than sold as a complete car.. I was messed about by the engine builders so I cut my losses..

Im in the process of an SR20DET AWD Wide Arch K11 ( main project ) <-blog with 30k + views!

Also got a K11 pickup SR20DE in the works..

..and ive been comissioned for an SR20DE K10.. which has just started..

The Almera GTI is my Run around..

Too dark for pics now.. but will get some tommorow !..

HID's fitted too!.. MMMMmmm..


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Bit of an update,

Seeing as I blew a hole in the side of my old block..

( I will get some proper pics up when the engines out )


....The turbo conversion is going a little ahead of schedule..

.. When ive had some a rare spare minute between my other main projects ive been collecting some turbo parts..

Brand new FMIC and pipework (Blue Couplings) ( GTIR )
Samco Radiator Hoses ( Blue )


MINT - T28 From GTIR
Stainless Turbular Manifold
Stainless Elbow 3'' ( S14 modified to suit )
Stainless Downpipe with flex 3'' ( S14 modified to suit )
GTIR oil return, tapped with fitting..
Adj Fuel Pressure Regulater with gauge
370cc/min Side feed injectors

Apexi Managment,
3 gauge pod, Boost, Oil Pressure, Volts


Pretty much all built up.. just waiting for new sandwich plate, dump valve and oil feed to arrive.. in the meantime, its getting a freshly painted rocker cover, and a good clean..

Could be in next week


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Well, after the last engine gave up the ghost the cars been sitting infront of my house for last few months while ive been crazy busy with another project..

Finally made some time for it, this weekend just gone..

Old engine out.. Which has a hole in the back AND the front of the block.. (Pics later..)

And in with the new one..

Fired up first time.. ( Engine from Scott-B )

So the next few days will be just finishing off the plumbing, exhaust and wiring in of the managment and dials etc..

Dressing the engine and finishing front bumper..

Booked in for mapping on a DynoDynamics RR next week..

..Hope it all goes well..

'scuse the crappy phone pics, couldnt find my digi cam..




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Thanks guys.. only been at it a few days, kinda ned to get it out of the way this week..

Finished a load of things This evening..

Going for a Custom Design Front bumper to aid airflow, and to still look OEM.. ( ish ) New Stainless exhaust has arrived too.. so that can be finished tomorrow hopefully..

Tommo: Got the 17's on atm that i trying to flog.. Still got the 14's from the micra, but wanting to order the 16's I want.. just cant seem to get the funds together.. Grr!@
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