Lost members ride thread

Hi I joined this forum mid 2012 and started a members ride thread and I cant find it. I know there was a site crash and things got lost and I was wondering if anyone could restore it? I hadn't done much to the car so there isnt a lot in the thread but I wanted to start updating it rather than start a new one. Can anyone help? I think it was titled "my n16 sport" or something similar.

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Nice one thanks a lot. I was wondering aswell if you could change my name to dangoodwin86 please?

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Only a mod or admin can change thread titles.

PM me with what you want to change it to and also your username request and I will do it later when I'm home.

While your there Chris any chance ya can try resurrect the thread for the eastern European N15 with stocker bomb front and bright green banded steels? That's about all I can tell you about the member or the thread ha
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