Lost my member's rides thread again.

As above. Looked everywhere, even under the sofa and behind the fridge.

Was titled 'My ph3 GTi with performance mods'

It was probably created after 2010? In which case it's still in the 'recovered threads' forum which mods and admin have access to. It won't have that same title, so if you could help us narrow down the search, like rough date it was created? :)
First half of May 2011.

It got recovered a few weeks ago, merged with a new thread I started named something like 'My noisy red GTi'.

If you can do a text search the phrases 'knob-kebab', 'all the horny angels' or 'stop punching each other' should find it.
Not having much luck :/ Searched for threads started by you in members rides and in the restored threads but nothing like a car thread.
Ed I'm on my phone, but go into that forum and search 'created by' wraith and it should be easy to find.

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