Megasquit? Aftermarket.

Im going to pay for membership, but I wanted to ask as I cant see inside sr tuning right now.

Have we got any advice about which aftermarket tuning I want.

I was playing with a megasquirt on my friends corsa and I quite like it, and im thinking of getting one for the almera.

Something I do need is a basemap and im struggling finding one.

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I will be running megasquirt soon . It's pretty much all built just done rev counter and fan relay. The iac is being a pain but the car will fire and run. It's a lot of work to build one yourself .
Ive figured that just putting bolt on mods gives you 5hp here, and 5hp there, but there is something to be said for the ecu holding it back.
Im not going for drastic changes (not yet) although a megasquirt or something would be relativly drastic, although it does open up future opportunities.

Also im in the mind that if you get 1 good aftermarket ECU you can pretty much keep it forever.

Im petty impressed on the difference it has made on my friends turbo's corsa, hence my interest

By any chance have you got a thread running Fish, on what you have done so far, so i can have a look?
By iac are you on about idle air control?
Fyi with the corsa we set the idle control valve to pump open and closed. Its not the most elegant solution but it keeps idle untill we find something else.

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There is a little bit in my ride thread . Yeh idle air control valve we are gonna try once more then possibly leave it out lol
Ive got an ms2 v3 kicking around but it's not set up for an optical sensor.
Ideal for something with a vr sensor and bosche iac.
I should sell it really but I love the idea of the ms. It may come in handy for better times.
Yeah that's what I thought but whoever built mine glued it up when they put the extra coil drivers in. And I'm not that that confident with an iron to start messing with it lol.
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