here she is when i first bought it, totally bog standard engine wise, cat back kakimoto exhaust and pipercross panel filter. 15" rota wheels, KYB super special struts, cusco strut brace, made 263bhp at 11psi




then i put my black wolfrace voodoo's on and lowered it 40mm, boost went from 11psi to 15psi, decat, K&N cone filter, ngk iridium plugs, uprated fuel pump, exedy organic clutch, got her on the rollers for a diagnostic, fuelling was spot on, boost was spot on, 293bhp peaking at 15.6psi but the big ends got so hot after being thrashed 3 times in a row they didnt like it at all and totally cooked :(






on a bright note, its been away in the garage for months now but the rebuild is starting soon as my SR20VE has arrived, SR20VE your all wondering...rebuilding the bottom end with forged pistons, all lightened and balanced etc etc and doing the head swap with the VE head :D :D
i will keep everyone posted on any updates
yeh, thats the plan bud, not a lot needs to be done either really, the setting up will be the hardest part


brapp brapp!
Well, a Honda Vtec has a similar effect to a very low pressure turbo, when you reach a certain amount of revs, (usually 4.5 - 5 thousand) The cam profile is mechanically changed by oil pressure, allowing more fuel & air through, therefore producing more power.
I'm not entirely sure how VVL works, But typically, Vtec's produce a fair whack more power than their non-Vtec counterparts.
So you've basically got more power before you've even thought about a Turbo..
Of course yes I completely forgot about the VVL :eek:

Christ on a bike that would be a very interesting setup for if Pulsar's aren't quick enough lol!!
the head is either VE or DE or DET, what you mean is fitting the VE on the SR20 bottom end, cant see that being a problem
i'll be using my DET ECU with a piggyback for fuelling, not sure yet, unichip or e-manage i think, and a GReddy MSS for activating the VVL solenoids. all that needs to be done is machine the head stud holes on the head (DET bolts are 12mm, VE are 10mm) tap an external oil feed for the VVL solenoid and block off the standard oil feed. then the exh manifold will need port matching as the ports are different on the two heads, all sensors and injectors etc are interchangeble, im getting my VE on monday :D
well chaps it arrived today, i havent stopped bouncing all day lol,

massive thanks to Al (stracyznski) off




will get cracking next week getting the head off to go away to be machined for the swap :D
ooo heres another one we have to keep a close eye on!

Has this ever been done on an R before? if not i think yourll have a lot of owners bowing down to you. nice free flowing head/cams with a turbo block! perfection!

Nice one, keep us updated and the car is gorgeous! :) got a soft spot for these :)
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