My JDM Y0 Pulsar Serie GTi

well i thought id start a new 'members ride thread' for my reshell'd turbo, so here goes,

today i purchased a very nice JDM N15 gti, (pulsar series) :D
the man thought it was a sunny haha and old it to me for and very tasty £800!!! omg :lol:
not realising what the had got i snatched it up,
it was up for £900 but it has some tiny bad bits, so used my essex haggling skills,
both wind deflectors have been removed, taking some laquer with it,
it has a scuff/scratch on the passenger door and op of rear arch, (most will come out with a good clean)
front end has been pushed in ever so slightly, but im going to put a ew front bumper support on from my BS7 im breaking :)
but these are things i can sort out later, when i have some more pennies, but its real dusty and abitdirty so will give it a proper clean this weekend,

the spec;
n15 pulsar gti
dark grey
1.8 (soon to be sr20 turbo)
V-LSD gearbox (not as good as the N1)
double din stereo now changed to a kenwood, and space for some guages
JDM heater controls/climate control
VZR front spats
VZR rear spats
VZR side skirts

folding mirrors
electric sunroof
boot surround
date of first registration 22/09/2006
last owner is a lady who part ex'd this for a KA, (it still has betty boop pink floor mats in yO!)
i has been registered as a M reg, iirc n15's were released on a p/96 year,

OH and the most important thing!

there is not 1 spec of rust on it, fooking lovely! the inner rear wheel arches look brand new, just come out the factory!

im so happy :thumbs:

after i put my wheels, exhaust and a new starter motor


from the power engineering rolling road day :)
loving it...











from the night before the rolling road day,



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I love you Stu :D

Not doing the reshell this weekend as planned then?

Sexy shop :D

very nice mate, i reckon the vzr kit would fetch 800 in the right place. (well maybe not quite that much). good find with the clean shell tho!
OMFG ed thats ace :D
intercooler too, (a bit tricky tho) :lol:

once its all done im gonna cherish this forever!

oh and i wanna fit some VZR rear lights too :D
you sexy, import buying, turbo charging mother fucker.

haha, cheers sexy :D
i still cant belive what i got on my drive and even more what its goning to be with the sr20de +T
dave and ed will have a good contestant for the show & shine :lol:


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dunno, ... you sure?
pretty sure nissan wouldnt have made the seats different in the JDM and UKDM N15's

Might be a 3dr/5dr thing but can't see it. The rear seat fittings are different also as there is no 60/40 split, so could be that they jigged the front seats about abit as well.

Just wait till you drive it and realise the indicators/wipers are the wrong way round. lol

The button u gotta push to get the key out as well is a tad annoying as well.

All in all a good buy, especially with the kit and no rust. :D
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