My N15 5-door GTi Build...


brapp brapp!
So its been a long time coming..
But here it is.. my N15 SR20 5-door build.
Please don't spam this thread up to fuck as I'll be updating it loads this week with stuff and I wanna keep it pretty organised. Thanksss :)
I got my car back Wednesday evening, so Thursday was a fun day.. Getting the garage cleared out, getting the car in, then ripping the necessary bits of the dash out to get the wiring loom.

I got everything stripped and ready so the car was still running fine, but all I needed to do was to unplug the ECU and two other connectors when the time came to rip the engine out. I also got the steering coloumn exposed ready to be ripped out to make way for the new GTi one with the Ignition barrel to pair up with the GTi ECU. By friday morning I was ready to begin the engine removal.


brapp brapp!
Didn't get started till 12 :(
Began to strip the engine down ready for the lift, and got everything disconnected except the drivers side Driveshaft :mad:!

Wires tucked neatly out the way:

Fuel lines all labelled:

Power steering disconnected and blocked off to prevent leaks:

I could not budge the driveshaft and I was exhausted so I left it for a fresh week on monday, as I had work all weekend :(


brapp brapp!
A fresh week did me good.. By 12 noon the engine was pulled.. with the offending driveshaft still in its place :)
Simply plug and play ! :)

Disconnect the Heater water feeds:

Disconnecting the Internal connectors/ECU:

Pulling through the bulkhead:

Ready for the lift:

Loosen the mounts:

Take off the drivers side one completely so the inlet clears the brake cylinder when lifting:


Pretty clean for an old 'un! ;)

The standard SRi loom has already got the extra connector for the GTi twinfan radiator:

Engine out, ready for Paul/Cov to bore it out lol:

OFFENDING SHAFT: still in place lol.

I'm off to rip the old steering column out :)


brapp brapp!
UPDATE! Old Steering column ripped out..:


Whel installing a steering column on your own.. support the column near its mountings with something.. I used a cordless drill case..

And feed the splines into the joint near the steering rack: (Its a pig of a job on your own)

GTi Steering wheel fitted :) :

Bottom part of the dash replaced:

Started cleaning:

excelent write up mate, looks very clean :D

i am still amazed that you got the engine out the top with the gearbox still attached!!

will you put the sr20de engine in that way or lift the car over it?

good luck, excellent work stuart :D
Nice one! Looks tidy as, good luck with the rest of the conversion. When you gonna have a lisence?

*cheeky* Can I have your grille? :D

you sir are a legend. seems the research and collection of parts paid off. im watchin this one eagerly.

top stuff boss xxx
good write up,

you should have taken the fron bumper and lights off, stop them getting damaged.

the labels is a good idea, wish i had done that

i am still amazed that you got the engine out the top with the gearbox still attached!!

will you put the sr20de engine in that way or lift the car over it?

the SR2O wont go in the top with the gear box fitted, either needs to be bottom up or in 2.
yeah i agree with sam, remove the front bumper/lights and rads etc, will make it 100% easier/more accesible, and prevents any damage too :D keep up the good work

this guide will be used by lots more si/sri owners to come :D
well done


brapp brapp!
I'm careful when lifting so no reason for me to remove lights/bumper.. I've obviously removed the radiator though.
And yeah the labels are great.. Its simply masking tape wrapped round ;) top tip.
And who said the SR20 won't go in from the top with the gearbox attached? You know your meant to drop it in at an angle.. Like I lifted it out..
I'm sure I'll get it in.. Well we shall see over the next few days..
I'll keep the updates coming.
top work there mate!! thumbs up :)

i remember taking the engine and gearbox out of the crashed 1.4, it was a right pig still assembled so well done on that one.

hehe i can picture the engine in bits already :p


brapp brapp!
Missed the parcel from Stufa this morning with the engine mounts, so the SR can't go in today I'm afraid :(
So its more cleaning.. the engine bay is complete now.. my arms are dead haha, so much scrubbing!

What do you think?
Been giving the engine block a bit of a clean up too.. its not in the best condition though and isn't cleaning up very well:

I've still got my Primera P11 GT engine though, and thats in really good condition so I will put that in one day in the future.
Now I'm off to have a play with my cams..
Looking awesome mate. I really like the detail that you've gone to. I will keep my eyes on this thread as I want to do a ga16 -> sr20/sr16 conversion one day...


brapp brapp!
Thats me done for today as its raining now, Decided to cook a chilli con carne instead of fitting my cams in the rain lol.
Tommorow.. we shall see some progress :)
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