My new vzr n1 version 2

Well i went and bought a VZR N1 have to say i am delighted with it! let me know what ye think.

heres the spec

Nissan Pulsar VZR N1 Ver 2 Rare 197bhp
Engine:1.6 Petrol

VZR-N1 limited edition light weight Race spec version, only 200 ever made, Red top Neo-vvl engine, 197 Bhp 133 ft/lbs torque, Most powerful 1.6 N/A engine ever built for production.

This one has the eight fuel injectors. Fujitsubo exhaust system, Enki light weight alloys, Nismo shocks, skyline bucket seats, momo steering wheel. This also has the very rare orange interior only a select few of the version twos have it.

my plans for it are:

Waiting on a full nismo splitter kit
-16inch rota subzeros in bronze with a polished lip
- Internal speaker upgrade
- Central locking- its killing me not having it
-(as this is the lightweight version, there was no central locking, no folding electric mirrors, no electric windows, no rear wiper, no rear speakers, no mirror in passenger side visor, they even removed the coin holder)
- New tyres
- Decat







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That's brilliant! I wish Nissan still made lightweight race versions and Gti and VZR etc versions when it came to the N16 :/
very very nice car man, but one thing, dont change those wheels!!

supposedly they were an optional extra for the n1, but the thing was, you couldnt go to nissan and buy a set without buying the car if you get what i mean! very rare as well!

hope it goes well for you!
I saw this car for sale in Ireland about a week ago and was having some very serious thoughts about buying it.:cool:

It's great to see that it's gone to someone in the AOC who appreciates just how rare this car actually is so congratulations!
It's a VZ-R N1 Version 2 Race which means it's the fully lightened race version. Autech were going to make 300 Version 2's but because they were so expensive to build (Handfinished engine's etc) and basically you could get a faster car for the money like the Spoon Civic R, they never got the full order of 300, rumours were that less than 200 of them were actually made to order.

You could have 2 variations of the Version 2.
1# The one with Sunroof, Electrics, Bodykit Etc which most people went for or
2# This one - The lightweight Race Version with the wind up windows, No sunroof or rear wiper so as you can imagine it really is the Holy Grail of Almera's/Pulsar's! To get an idea of how rare it is Autech made 475 Pulsar Autech Versions like mine. There's probably less than 50 of these N1 Race Versions worldwide including the one's that have become track cars.
So congratulations N15 you've got one fantastic car there mate and if you do want to sell those wheels then please give us first refusal - Fellow Autech owner and all that. ;)
I think I've seen pics of the Nismo front splitter, but can't remember having seen pics of other Nismo bodykitparts for the N15.
1 in 50 never knew it was quite that rare! If I was going to change the wheels they wouldn't have been for sale tho i know how rare they are and they would have been left in the garage for track days and the likes. Ya this car had to go to an enthusiast I knew it was for me when it came up i had to have it. It has a full service history from nissan japan aswell. there isn't a mark on the exterior and it had one owner from new before I got my hands on it. It has been in the country for all of a month.

Ha ha actually when i was going to buy it the lad that had it had 2 n1's and of course I wanted this one and another lad was interested too but said he wouldn't go for the one with the orange interior because it wasn't his taste:roll:

Just incase people were wondering how much these go for I paid about 8750 sterling for it!
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