My Rides :)

Here are a couiple of the vehicles i have had dealings with ;)

My old bike: Yamaha FZR400rr verry quick for a 400 at 68BHP

My current car: VW Polo Mk2 squareback... its a laugh and handles great... shame about the engine 1ltr

Pic of my mine and my cousin's track day and hillclimb car:
1.9 American tall bolck engine, Twin 45 DCOE webber carbs, Ashley 4 branch manifold, had lots and lots of work done to it.. concidering it was bought it as a rolling chassis

Rear shot:

Old Car: my cousins old 306, one of the first moddified cars i worked on:

almera photos comming soon. :)
escort looks nice, my mates got a mk 4 xr3i, to go with his mk1 and mk2 xr2's and xr4x4, alright for some.

any more details on it? ie engine spec, suspension etc. his is standard at the moment, mk2 xr2 is modified though, different carb, kent cam, head work, full ashley system etc, think it made 98bhp at the wheels last time it was on the RR, not bad especially when you consider the bottom end is all original.
oooh nice fzr, was gonna get either one of them or an rvf but ran out of money and stuck with a cheap car. :(

gimme couple of years... :D
i dont know where to start...

the polo has just clocked over 65k miles so just a bout run in....:)

the escort has the following mods and more....
engine replacement for a 1.9 american tallblock.
it has a stage 3 head,
twin 45 DSOE sebber carbs,
ashley 4 branch manifold,
forged pistos and valves,
ecotec valve,
kent cams,
cant remember the make but upgraded cam shafts and bearing kit,
racing lightened and ballanced flywheel and racing clutch,
diesel turbo gearbox (only thing that has been able to handle the power)
RS 1600 rocker cover,
G-Maxx suspention (coilovers) sits 2" off of the flor.
ST/ST straight through exhaust with 5" back box, hooped over rear axle
front OMP strut brace, Fabricating a rear one at the moment.
it has had a full bare metal respray,
Borbet 16" alloy wheels,
coswrth breaks,
mk4 boot and spoiler,
roll cage,
4 spoke RS steering wheel.
recaro front seats the rest is all stripped out.
being tuned by frankinstein motorsport in essex.. (estimating 230bhp)
its going in for an interior re-spray later in the year.
and maybe perspex windoes.

the fiesta has a standard 1ltr engine.. which is being replaced by a 1.7 CVH with twin 40 webbers
fiberglass boot and bonnet
perspex windows.
Recaro front seats.
xr2i breaks
stripped out interior.. black carpet all through the car after respray
ATS cup alloys or pepperpots.
standard suspention at the moment... soon to be changed
front strut brace on order rear one being fabricated.

XR3i cabriolet. (concourse)
full interior rekitted with original seats
new roof
rs turbo alloy wheels
no mods just replacements for newer parts.
appart from the RS 1600 rubber side skirts being fitted asap.

il try and get some photos this weekend
The Scrappy

Well i went down the scrappy today just to pick up a new rear light as some one had let their trolly hit my car and cracked the lense...

and i came away with more than i had hoped for ....

i got a:
New rear light
2 Front foglights
an indicator to practice de-globeing
GTi front and rear strutbrace

all for £25

what a bargin.

here is a quick pic of my car... before i start working on it... please remember it has been sitting there for about 5 months now... and hasnt been touched... put a battery jumper pack on it and it started on the first turn...

ive got new wheels sitting in the boot, red ally wheel nuts and new spigot rings, wind deflectors and the strutbraces to fit.

but there is one thing i hope you guys would be able to help me out with.... and that is i need the drivers side silver plastic cover that covers the screws holding the fog lights in place... can any one help.

much aprecieated..

Gees for that little slp of plasic....

mines got them both but one has a crack down it... i think il wait till i can get one down the scrappy lol

il look ot for a set for you as well.
latest updates

here are a few pics of my car before i start adding my newly aquired upgrades.

and here is a decent shot of the cabriolet just cleaned it... im waiting to put the RS1600 side skirts on

yer i know .... havent fitted them yet... im waiting for spigot rings and wind deflectors then its time to start work on her.

trying to get hold a new back box.. just sent JClark a PM asking about his old twin pipe.

Now got the new wheels on... looks alot better than the standards... plus got new rubber so now legal..

i think that the red nuts set it of nicely... the only bad bit is that the wheel centres dont fit on when the wheels ar on the car.. need to get some spacers...


i have bought an exhaust off of Simcard (thanks) so ive been cleaning that up and de rusting it...
i have also got hold of an Eco-Tek valve off of Curtis (Thanks) so that will be fitted after MOT...
also got a rubber chin spoiler... bit different... got it off of a Vectra SRi 150 almost perfect fit just a little bit of trimming on the arches...
im also spraying up a rocker cover to replace the one thats on the almera going black with red writing...

so got lots of stuff happening at the moment.. should look good when im done!!

pics up asap

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