my trop green gti

ok finally picked this up yesterday got their and was covered in leafs flat battery and not drove since feb and had 4 flat tires. has got 95k on the clock and as you can tell by the pic's needs a bit of work doing to it but for 250 quid dont think i can complain. what you all think






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Il tell you now that colour is a pig to match... but its bloody stunning when its clean :) will have this project completed in a few days :lol:

By the way.....Thank you for the clocks mate....... excellent price and very fast delivery :thumbs:
tar for the text (zero cred tho) looks pukka for the money. happy its wiv you now, its up hill from here lad but you know what your doing........................... wiv the help of the one called Joe lol

cheers guys first on the list is getting the underneath wax oiled then give it a good service as its been stood since feb. Then its goodies time
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