My tropical green GTI

About time i got some pic's up. Been a non paid member for a while but now got an almera so....

Bought this abought two weeks ago after having my BMW smashed into by an uninsured driver (twat).Before that had a 200sx (wrote off) and a Sunny GTI (major rot box).




Iv'e not got any pics from when i got it but iv'e removed loads of daft stickers painted my indicators (not very good mind), Wind deflectors and off in for my rear arches and bottom of doors to be done on saturaday (ill get pics up when done see if the colour matches) and an sr20 sticker lol.

Currently has full exhaust (inc manifold) , kei alloys in need of refurb untill i can afford some rotas , lowered on standard shocks , drilled and grooved disc's all round and more to come.

Plans are to find a lower milage engine and mod away. Hoping to vvl !
looks good... another taty (numberplate)..

the kai alloys look good on it... refurb then in a gunmetal/ black... would look great on the car :)

Gone into spray tday to have the rear arches done and and the bottom of the drivers door , I'll get some pics up see if they get the match right !!!!
^ cheers mate

Just an update thought I was getting it back from spray tday , now it's Friday will see if the colour match is any good , I'll get pics up Friday. Killing me not having it i've only had the car 3 weeks ish , and a week of that at spray !!!
Finally got my motor back after a long week only got the 1 photo from my phone but arches look good , maybe slightly out on the bumper must of removed it , but you can't tell in the day light anyway. Blended spot on I'll get some more pics with camera when it's clean. Cheers for looking

Few more pic's now with added fog blanks thanks to RAjakson (cheers mate):thumb:.

In need of a quieter cat back , manifold and no silencers and 4"tail dont mix.




look real tidy fella, these rims would look awesome done black. i have the same in matt black.
shame about the one snap'd wheel stud on the off side rear
looks good but i think u still need a punto rear wiper on the back and i wouldnt do the wheels black... but maybe a gunmetal colour.. like mine... Peugeot graphite grey or the ford graphite grey (CraiGTi's wheels)

keep up the good work :)

Cheers for the comments , stripped and cleaned the front brakes , used my gun at work and wouldn't budge , used a bar and it shattered ! Not happy

Was thinking gunmetal , I work for a fiat dealer which wiper arm matey I'll pinch one from parts tmoz lol .
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