N15 Aftermarket Styling


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Kind of following on corbs' thread. Just to give some more information:
Joy Tuning






That sallon is really cool i dont like the front bumper but back looks good and that spiler is really cool aswell all you need is a SR20DE engine!
Is it wrong that i'm quite liking the look of the MS Designs kit?

Its nice and subtle unlike the other aftermarket kits, but its still a bit different to standard :)


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gloves86 said:
The standard ones fella! Don't go buying joy tuning or any of that cack! go phase 1, phase 2 or autech ;)

Agreed. Theres no way you can tell me that Joy Tuning rubbish looks better than a nice standard P2 bodykit.


joy tuning kits very nice, used to have it on me si gd fit aswel, but as said above nothing beats standard mera styleing :p
I like the MS design kit as a whole and the ASP front bumper but the rest is 1999 spec Fast & Furious waste of money.
Sorry but anyone who chooses a joy tuning kit above a p2/p1 gti kit is just plain stupid.

Even when I owned the autech I wanted to put gti skirts and a gti spoiler on it. Couldn't resist keeping the autech bumper though ^
the black gti is the front from sk-tuning.de.

from Joy-Tuning you can get an quite old bumper only on request via email:

imho gets nothing about autech/vz-r styling or nissanspec goodies.
i think some bad boi reprezenting - no frontin, hit the "rude" switch and the bumper just dropped all kinds of splitters and fog lamps all over the shop. Thus, his respek counter hit the roof
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