N15 instrument cluster not working

Hi I own a Nissan Almera 1999 1.4 GX 5 door hatchback RHD. It has approx 94,000 miles , car was bought from new by a family member I'm the second owner. My motoring has been trouble free up until now. I have a problem with the instrument cluster. My petrol gauge shows constantly full , speedo doesn't work, Rev counter only works up to 1500 revs, the temp gauge shows maximum at start up.

Is the instrument cluster repairable ? Any recommendations as to where to send it if it is.

I've seen online used instrument clusters for sale for my N15. They appear to be analog. My instrument cluster has a digital odometer, trip meter, and clock. I take it that an analog one is not interchangeable with a digital one ?

My local garage ,removed the cluster, cleaned up all terminals ,replaced and still didn't work .

Any suggestions or where I go from here would be appreciated .

Thank you
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