N15 phase 2 distributor cap!! Help me!!

So my car has been sat now for 4 weeks! I’ve been trying to locate a distributor cap as mine is split and worn. Tried main dealer/ all local motor factors and garages/ google/ eBay/ scrap yards but it seems it can’t be found. Everybody has told me there is only a choice of 2 but neither fit. The numbers and letters stamped into the body of the distributor read D4T97-02 85211 also 22100 2N300 I just need a new cap but if anyone knows of a whole distributor unit with a cap in good condition I’ll take it. Any thoughts guys? Reg no S857 KPR ga14de phase2
22100-2N300 is the part number for the whole distributor.

22162-78C00 is the part number for the cap only, I guess if the cap is worn then you'd be best off replacing the rotor too. Part number for that is 22157-72B00.

I recommend genuine OEM parts for any ignition system stuff on 90s Nissans.
Try Amayama.com.
Thanks for the reply. I’ve cross referenced the 2 part numbers you gave me for the cap and rotor arm and they are 1 of the 2 types I have already purchased and wrong. The holes don’t line up and both the caps I’ve tried are not deep enough.
Thanks for the reply. I’ve cross referenced the 2 part numbers you gave me for the cap and rotor arm and they are 1 of the 2 types I have already purchased and wrong. The holes don’t line up and both the caps I’ve tried are not deep enough.
The fitment issues with aftermarket parts are one of the reasons I recommend original Nissan stuff for ignition parts on these cars. That part number should be correct, checked from two sources.

Online parts stores often have wrong info regarding part fitment. This is a bit off-topic but a couple of examples:

- Many, many places list fuel filters for the N16 chassis cars - the problem is they don't have a traditional external fuel filter, it's integrated to the pump. The ones listed are basic external filters which have no place on those cars.
- I recently bought new rear wheel bearings / hubs for my A33 Maxima and cross-referenced the part number for the hub. The hub / bearing itself fits perfectly, but the ABS ring has one tooth more - thus it's not the correct part. Still listed for my car even though it's not right. (Lesson learned - verify number of ABS ring teeth before ordering.)
- Early N16 sedans were made in Japan and some parts differ from the UK built model. We were trying to find a new outer CV joint for my friends' car, and every single one of them were wrong. We visited two different parts stores and looked at multiple different brands of parts. Supposedly they "all fit a N16 with this engine / transmission from 2000" but nope - the groove for the locking ring was deeper in the joint on the Japanese built model - thus a CV joint for an early UK built car would fit the CV axle but it would not stay in place. Lol.
Thanks Nugget Beercase. I’ve been to the main dealer with my vin number and still the only one listed for my car is the wrong one. Main dealer in Weston s mare / Bristol and I’ve even called a dealer in Ireland because the car was imported from there all use the same supplier and all list the same part that doesn’t fit my car. The distributor cap on my car has no numbers etched anywhere on it apart from hitachi on the top. I’m not even sure if the distributor is the reason it won’t start but it does have a crack on the bottom and not much contact left in the middle of the cap.
Try 22162-0M300 for the cap and 22157-4B000 for the rotor
Hally. Thankyou, I will look into those part numbers. Yesterday I took some jump leads down to the car and it started first time. Drove it home with no issues!! The dizzy cap inside is worn though but I don’t think that is the problem. When I turn the key in the ignition on the 1st click or second when the dashboard lights illuminate there is a clicking noise that goes on and off with also the engine management light simultaneously flashing like a relay turning on and off coming from around where the battery is!! Near the passenger headlight!! No fuses or relay boxes around that area so doesn’t really make sense. Any ideas?
Thanks guys. I have tried those part numbers too but still not the right ones. Quick update. I used some jump leads and the car started first time. Drove her back from work to home approx 4 miles with no issues. Next day starts first time but died after travelling about 1/4 mile. After a minute or so and around 4 attempts she started up again but drove her straight home again. Changed the starter motor today as old one was knackered. Cleaned all the earth wires I could see. The dizzy is on its last legs so still looking for one. Could be the issue. I’ve changed the plugs/ fuel pump and fuel filter very recently too but still no joy.
Here is the distributor number I am trying to find. There are a couple close to this number on eBay but not exact.


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Thanks guys but I’ve tried both of these caps already. Even Nissan tell me the same part number for the cap but they don’t fit. I’ve found a second hand complete distributor including cap and rotor arm on eBay. Part number 22100 2N300 but the other number on the distributor is slightly different. Mine is D4T97-02 85211 and the one on eBay is DT497-02 8609. Does anyone know what this number represents and if it will work in my car. The distributor and cap look identical to mine.


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That's odd. Perhaps Nissan had supply issues with the regular style distributor at some point and a replacement was used from a different supplier.

In any case, seems that there are multiple distributor styles used under the 22100-2N300 part number, but Nissan only listed spares for the Hitachi unit. Unfortunately I do not know the meaning of the number after D4T97-02.

Just something to keep in mind; buying a used distributor for the GA engines is a risky business... usually the one and only fault that leaves a GA-powered N15 stranded is a broken cam position sensor inside the distributor. I'd buy a new dizzy or put in a new sensor if buying a used one.
I have the hitachi distributor on my car. There are no part numbers embossed anywhere on it just hitachi. Yesterday the cat started first time then stalled after letting it idle around 5 minutes. Then I drove it to Clevedon and back. Around a 20 mile round trip turning the engine off twice and restarting with no issues whatsoever. However this morning started second time and stalled and after around 15 further attempts to start it wouldn’t.
I’m sure it’s getting fuel. Like I said I’ve replaced the fuel pump in the tank and replaced the fuel filter under the bonnet and I can feel a pulse. A lot of the time when it doesn’t start there are random clicks and buzzing coming from under the bonnet say for a few seconds then nothing for say 30 seconds then loads then nothing again for a min or so!! When this happens the engine management light flickers simultaneously. I would say the clicking like a relay sound going on and off is from around the rocker cover area, so injectors / distributor area. I’m pretty sure it’s not getting a spark. I’ve taken the whole distributor unit off and apart but can’t see anything obvious apart from the cap which has the centre part almost missing inside and a crack at the bottom but Saturday I drive 20 miles and perfect. Waiting for a connector to come from eBay so I can plug in the diagnostics reader. 2 more weeks!!
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